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4FT Tall Fake Silk Plants


🌳Perfect Decoration: The OAKRED artificial olive tree features a natural wood trunk and highly realistic leaves and fruits, mimicking the appearance of a real olive tree. Its elegant and fresh design can perfectly complement any scene or theme, making it perfect for seasonal home decor. 🌳Easy Maintenance: With no need for watering, fertilization, pruning, or daily maintenance, this faux plant is the ideal low-maintenance decor. Its leaves are always dark green and plump, with perfect shape and color that lasts. Plus, cleaning off any dust is as simple as a gentle sweep. 🌳Safe and Firm: Crafted with high-quality plastic and silk materials, as well as metal wire, our artificial olive tree branches and leaves are incredibly durable and realistic. The black pot is partially filled with solid cement to add weight, ensuring that it is sturdy enough to prevent children and pets from knocking it over. 🌳Easy to Adjust: There's no need for any complicated assembly – simply adjust the branches and leaves to create your preferred shape and style for this faux olive tree. 🌳Realistic Appearance and Size: Measuring about 4 feet from the bottom of the black pot to the top of the tree, and with a height of 4 inches in the black pot and a 5-inch diameter, this faux plant is the perfect adornment for your living room, bedroom, office, foyer, or fireplace. Its natural style and realistic appearance are sure to add an element of comfort to any living space.
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