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KNORK Eco 12 Piece (Fork, Knife,


Made of bamboo fibers and sugar cane starch Reusable Flatware Cleverly-designed (fork’s got beveled edges that let it double as a knife) Earth-friendly – everything is made from sugar cane starch and bamboo fiber (no plastic here!) Knork Eco astrik is BPI certified --- ASTM D6400 Commercial dishwasher certified testing Sustain-ably sourced Set includes: 4 eco spoons and 4 Eco forks 4 Eco Knives Approx 6.75"every About the Astrik material: --Dishwasher-friendly, durable and reusable with a really helpful lifetime of 400 washes. --Biodegradable by design - meant to last about a year with use and reuse. --We’ve safely tested our Eco utensils up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit in a commercial dishwasher, but prolonged exposure at higher temperatures than that may be not advised (i.e. dishwashers with a “heavy duty” high heat wash cycle, the usage of the utensils to stir or cut food directly out of the microwave or oven, which on a regular basis boast temperatures far higher than 200 degrees. Alternatively, just because a utensil becomes warped, it isn't permanent. If you were to heat it up again, it woul

Knork ergonomic design and beveled tines easily cut through food with one hand. NEW Colors (Mint, Coral) and design improvements, higher heat tolerance, added material to tines Dishwasher protected but biodegradable by design - Lightweight and durable. Great for work and school lunches, Go back and forth, on the go, byo cutlery, parties Other sustainable utensils in the marketplace are seriously lacking on durability, Plant-based astrik (85% sugar cane starch and 15% bamboo) composts in 2 years in an industrial compost facility, longer degradation times in a landfill. Set includes 4 Eco Knives; 4 Eco Spoon, 4 Eco Knork forks; all 6.75" in length 4 color mint, gray, white, coral Knork Eco astrik is BPI certified --- ASTM D6400 Commercial dishwasher certified testing
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