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Tromlycs Sofa Couch Cushion Support


Easy to Use: Sofa improve under cushions can effectively repair and prevent sagging; Just put our couch cushion supporter under the old sofa cushion; Fix your sagging furniture cushions easily in seconds Repair Comfortable Sitting: Our couch fixer saggy is more convenient and comfortable right through use, you won’t feel a hard wood or plastic while you sit down down like chipboard or sofa foam insert Suitable Size: The scale of couch saver improve is 20 × 20 × 2 inches, this size can also be perfectly integrated into the sofa cushion underneath; It is going to not be obviously revealed from underneath of the sofa cushion High Density Foam: Sofa sag repair is made of 40D high-density foam with high firmness, it will probably well support the improve of the sofa cushion; High rebound and high durability can better repair the sofa sagging Trapezoidal & Cuttable Design: The trapezoidal design have better Anti-deformation capacity and compressive performance, it will probably repair sagging better; The froth can also be easily cut to support the fit
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