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Eco 5 FoodCycler by Vitamix, quiet,


The Eco 5 makes it easy for someone make a positive environmental have an effect on. It’s an effortless alternative to composting, and it reduces the volume of food waste by as much as 90%. Food scraps and uneaten leftovers that would another way finally end up in a landfill are broken down into a nutrient-wealthy soil amendment that may be mixed right into your garden soil.”

Alternative to Composting – The Eco 5 breaks down food scraps that would another way finally end up in a landfill into nutrient-wealthy plant food that may be mixed right in to your garden soil Large Capacity: The large 5-liter capacity bucket grinds food waste into a fine, dry powder. Refillable Filters: Moderately than throwing 1-time use filters away, the Eco 5 has sustainable, reusable filters that may be refilled with new carbon pellets. Sustainable: Our FoodCycler grinds food waste into a fine, dry powder making it a fraction of its original volume overnight. Compact: The Eco 5 fits almost anywhere—store it at the counter, in the pantry, or in the garage. Convenient & Easy To Use: The Eco 5 cycles through 8 phases to turn food waste into plant food with the press of a button. Odorless & Quiet: The carbon filters to take away food smell and quiet cycles make the Eco 5 ideal for indoor use. What’s in the Box: Eco 5 FoodCycler, Bucket & Lid, Refillable Filter, Carbon Refill Pellets, Instruction Manual
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